Shimano GR500 Flat Pedal Black

Shimano GR500 Flat Pedal Black

With a uniquely shaped concave platform that provides exceptional control and efficiency, Shimano's GR500 Flat Pedals have an extra-wide profile that provides support and comfort when pedalling.


Customisable Pin Height

The height of the pins in the Shimano GR500 Flat Pedals can be set to 3 different heights so, no matter what type of riding you do, these pedals can be customised to suit your needs.

Incredible Grip in Harsh Conditions

Shimano has taken its popular Saint MX80 pedal as a platform for the GR500 pedals so the shape will feel familiar to many. However, when the pins are set in the highest setting, they are 5mm longer than the pins in the MX80 to provide incredible grip in the harshest conditions.