SeaSucker Bomber - 3 Bikes Bike Rack
  • SeaSucker Bomber - 3 Bikes Bike Rack

    Model Bomber comes standard with our Universal Huske Fork Mount upgrades, 9mm plugs and quick release skewers. The Bomber is our 3-bike behemoth. It’s a fork-mount-style rack, with five of our powerful 210 lb pull-strength rated vacuum cups holding it onto your car’s roof, trunk or back glass. Three Rear Wheel Straps for securing the back tires are included. Incredibly easy to install, and removes in just seconds. Fits on virtually any car. Minimal assembly required. 



    • Holds 3 bicycles – up to 45 lbs each.
    • Made for roof top, trunk or hatchback attachment.
    • Attaches to metal, glass or fiberglass surfaces.
    • 3/4” thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) body for strength and durability.
    • Three HUSKE Universal fork mounts with 9mm plugs.
    • Additional plug sizes are available for purchase.
    • SeaSucker 6" vacuum cups ( Each cup is pull-rated for 210 lbs).
    • Approx. 41” x 11” footprint.
    • Approx. 17 lbs.