RevGrip Pro Series 32.5mm Medium
  • RevGrip Pro Series 32.5mm Medium

    Pro Series Shock Absorbing Grip System with fully adjustable feel from ultra firm to ultra soft.32.5mm* (Medium) sleeve size, this is our Top Shelf grip system complete with a tuning kit, assembly tools, lightened clamps and your choice of colored grips and clamps.  Everything needed to install and adjust your grip system is in the box. Once you have a set, all of the soft goods (Grip, Inserts, etc.) can be replaced, making these grips last a life time. What's in the box:• 2x Grip Sleeves• 4x Ultra Light Aluminium Clamps• 18x Shock Absorbing Inserts• 8x Tuning Washers• 2x Aluminium Bar End Plugs• 5x Clamp Screws• 1x 2.5mm Hex Wrench• 1x 3mm Hex Wrench