OneUp Aluminium Flat Pedal
  • OneUp Aluminium Flat Pedal

    The One Up Flat Aluminium Pedals features a huge (115x105mm) super grippy platform with 10 rear-loading hexagonal steel pins per side to keep your feet planted on even the roughest of trails. With a weight of only 355g, the OneUp Aluminum Pedals won't slow you down on the climbs. Designed from stealth rubber down and shaped with a subtle convex profile to provide you with more grip thanks to the pedals sitting in the natural arch of your foot. The ultra-thin design (only 8mm at the leading edge) gives you maximum clearance to reduce pedal strikes and deflect off trail obstacle. Clip Less, Ride More. Each pedal contains 4 double sealed full cartridge bearing and no bushings, to eliminate axle play and provide ultimate long-term durability. When it s finally time to service your bearings, the unique cassette tool lock ring system makes re-greasing the bearings exceptionally fast and easy. 


    One Up Flat Aluminium Pedals Features:

    • 10 rear loading custom hexagonal removable pins per side for maximum grip
    • 4 sealed cartridge bearings per pedal
    • Ultra thin leading edge chamfered design to deflect off any obstacle 
    • Fully sealed and serviceable design with built in bearing extractor
    • Wide platform design for increased stability
    • Contoured shape provides ultimate connected feel