DMR DeathGrip flangeless
  • DMR DeathGrip flangeless

    The DMR Brendog Death Grip has been designed in collaboration with professional DH rider Brendan Fairclough, with the aim of creating a single lock grip that can be held all the way down to the end, making it ideal for just about any discipline! Made from a super-soft Kraton compound the unique design has five key features, the classic knurl pattern provides a great all-weather grip surface for your palm, while the waffle section helps with fatigued hands, specifically in wet weather and when you're pulling back on big gaps.


    MBR Magazine DMR Deathgrip – BEST ALL ROUNDER 2020


    A soft and mallelable mushroom pattern has been implemented on the inner side for your thumb to sit on, this comfy section helps prevent thumb blisters after a long riding session!


    • The DMR Death Grips come complete with a durable, closed end.
    • DMR Brendog
    • Death Grip FeaturesSoft Kraton compound for durable, all-weather grip
    • Single Lock design
    • Flangeless
    • Closed end for crash protection
    • Knurl, Waffle & Mushroom pattern combine to create a versatile grip design that helps reduce fatigue and blistering while improving grip