Camelbak Repack LR 4 Belt Pack Camouflage
  • Camelbak Repack LR 4 Belt Pack Camouflage

    TThe Camelbak Repack LR belt pack bum bag is the ideal option for hardcore riders who need more than just a water bottle, but who don't want to carry a full backpack. The Repack offers a minimalist approach to portable hydration. As part of our Low Rider MTB collection, it keeps your water and cargo centered around your waist, leaving your shoulders and back free. As a result, you'll have a lower center of gravity and more mobility on the trail. Plus, say goodbye to a sweaty back and sore shoulders at the end of the day. With a 1.5-litre capacity, integrated carry pockets, and the stability of a customisable fit, the Repack frees you up to ride light and fast over any terrain.

    - Load stabilising belt and cargo pockets
    - Integrated tool pockets
    - Crux 1.5L hydration bag
    - Dual compression tapes