100% Racecraft Hyperloop Googles
  • 100% Racecraft Hyperloop Googles

    Colour, form and function are three qualities that 100% has achieved with their Racecraft goggle models.

    Their outrigger system not only looks awesome, but also ensures optimised fit and comfort when worn with a helmet. The facial foam consists of 3 layers that facilitate ventilation and wick away sweat. The anti-fog lens can easily be replaced or swapped out if needed. Perhaps the best thing about goggles from 100% is that all models are built with the same frame, so you can purchase whichever 100% lenses and tear-offs you want with the confidence that they will fit your goggles. How cool is that?

    -Lexan lens.
    -Detachable nose protection.
    -9 attachment points on the lens.
    -45mm wide, silicone-printed strap.
    -Air channels throughout the frame and foam.

    -Microfibre case.